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«¤Pet Shop of Horrors Rating¤»

What character are you?

Which PSoH character are you?
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Welcome to psoh_rating I am your group owner sylverdragonfly may you be rated as the character you desire...or we desire. Please, read the rules carefully in order to be rated. You will be stamped after 5 votes or 7 days, the reason for this is because we have such a small group. If we do become larger then I will add more votes and more days. For this reason all members will have the opportunity to post an application more than once.

1. Please be respectful; no flaming, bashing, racism, stigma, crude remarks, insults pertaining to the sexes or preferences.

2. Please keep in mind that everyone has a favorite character and a least favorite character, but just because you don’t like a certain character doesn’t mean you have to insult the character.

3. This is a rating community, not a chat community, it is nice to thank people for rating you, but I advise against it since it will appear that you have more votes than you actually do. The mod will screen comments not related to voting if I catch them, if I don’t you are responsible for voting and not chatting.

4. You should have a reasonable amount of knowledge about the Pet Shop of Horrors series. By this I mean you should know the top 7 main characters at the very least (Count D, Leon, Chris, Jill, Q-Chan, T-Chan, and Pon-Chan). Also reading through at least half of the manga is nice. It is preferable but also optional and it is for your benefit as well as others.

5. Do not question members as to why you have been rated a certain character please. If you do not know the character that is your responsibility, find the manga and read it. If someone has rated you a character that's male and you wanted a female or vice-versa it means that they feel that character is better suited to you. These applications are a reflection of yourself not the opinions of others. Keep that in mind.

6. No character wars within the commenting section, this will not be tolerated.

7. If you want to be rated you must also rate as well, I am making this mandatory by adding a section in your application where you must provide at least 3 links to members you have rated.

8. Make sure you place your vote in bold tags <*b*>Count D<*/b*> just remove the asterisks. This makes it easy for me to see the votes.

9. Absolutely no remote linking/hotlinking/bandwidth theft/remote loading/leeching of the stamps please! The site www.photobucket.com is a free service so please use it. Also LJ has this new handy dandy feature called ScrapBook.

10. Do not be so bold and brazen as to rate yourself by stealing the banner of your choosing, it will force me to remove the banners and I'd hate to do that.

11. Be as detailed as you can in your application, the more details the better members are able to relate your personality to a character.

12. No advertising, and if you have a question or would like to affiliate either comment in a mod post or use the link provided in the affiliate section.

13. In regards to your application photos are optional, but please no cosplay pictures, you are free to post cosplay after you have been stamped.

14. All applications must be behind a cut, *one* cut not multiple cuts, one cut is fine <*lj-cut*>. Again, just remove the asterisks.

15. As a bonus for being active and voting you may reapply 3 times after your first application. There is a condition to this; your first stamp requires that you must have rated 3 other members, when you reapply the amount triples each time. For your second application you must have rated 9 times, your third application you must have rated 27 times, and for your fourth and final application you must have rated 81 times. The game is to keep score of your own rating. This is not necessary if you are fine with what you have gotten.

16. In accordance with rule number 15, effective immediately, the mod will be checking past applications in order to make sure members are meeting their three member quota. Just because you have been stamped it does not mean you can get away without rating members. Even if there are no members needing stamps while you are filling out your own application it is your job to look out for future members, rate them, and add these ratings to your application. In lieu of this I shall be poking members. I withhold the authority to remove you from the stamped list if your participation in the community is lacking. Participation is vital!

17. Do not ask me when you will get stamped, your mod may have a rather demanding life, but I will get around to it. Also do not advertise to other members that you need more rating as you will make it appear that they have more ratings in their own application than they actually do.

18. So I know that you have read up to this part please put – Raspberry Chocolate – in the subject of your post, this will change frequently.


NEED TO BE STAMPED OR YOU NEED MORE RATINGS THE LEAVE A COMMENT HERE (you may also make inquiries in this post)! After 5 ratings or 7 days you will receive your stamp, though if I think you have an insufficient amount of votes I may hold off on stamping.

If you'd like to affiliate get in touch with sylverdragonfly COMMENT HERE ♥ *A NEW POLICY ON AFFILIATING!* You must advertise Pet Shop of Horrors Rating in one of your mod posts as a courtesy and yes we will do the same for you.



Please do not steal any of the graphics used for this community as I have made them all myself. The animated header at the top of the info page was especially painstaking! Also included are the icons, the header image on the entry page, and any pixel gifs I make! Please ask me first!

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